Inter lost to Cagliari 2-2 but will win the next match to seize the Serie A championship.

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Inter Milan were trailed 2-2 by Cagliari on Sunday. But they only need a victory in the next game over rival AC Milan to guarantee the championship of the 2023/24 season.

Inter lost to Cagliari 2-2 but will win the next match to seize the Serie A championship.

Inter Milan played slightly out of form and were chased down by Cagliari to a 2-2 draw in the Italian Serie A game on Sunday, April 14, but only needed a victory in the next game over rival AC. Only Milan to guarantee the Scudetto championship for the 2023/24 season. Which will be their 20th time.

This latest Serie A weekend was game 32 for most teams. Especially in the top 4 groups. Where the championship situation has been quite clear for a while now that Inter Milan of manager Simone Inzaghi should be able to win the championship for sure.

On Sunday, second-placed AC Milan entered the field first by meeting Sassuolo, and in a thrilling shootout, AC Milan equalized 3-3 with a goal from Noah Okafo hr.84. Even though they were able to collect points But once again, Milan failed to win.

In the late match, Inter Milan opened at home to face Cagliari, the 14th ranked team. Which also had fun shooting. Markus Thuram shot a 1-0 lead for the Big Snake team in the 12th, before the visiting team equalized 1-1. From Eldor Shomurodov in the 64th minute, then after ten minutes, Inter received a penalty and Hakan Chalanoglu scored a 2-1 lead in the 74th minute. However, at the end of the game Cagliari were resilient. Retrieve 2-2 from Nicholas Viola in the 82nd.

Even if you only get a draw But with AC Milan also drawing the same Makes Inter’s chance of winning the championship very high. There’s almost no chance to turn again. As the point gap is now 14 points (83:69) entering the final 6 games of the ufabet season.

Inter only needs one more win, directly over AC Milan, in the next game on Monday, April 22, to guarantee the absolute Serie A championship, as it will lead to a deficit of 17 points, with 5 remaining. last game