Barca turn down Firmino signing as he looks at players in other positions

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The bull media confirmed that Barcelona did not want Roberto Firmino to join the team and therefore rejected the offer of the player’s agent. Indicates that the desired position is more wings and plans to pull Eze Abde, who at this time let Osasuna loan back to use

Marca, the famous media of fierce bull country Reports that Barcelona. ​​the Spanish La Liga leader, are not interested in grabbing Liverpool striker Roberto Firmino from England. Who is out of contract with the team at Anfield in the middle of this year to reinforce the army in the UFABET summer, although the agent of the players will be offered. Samba technical player come to consider a few months ago

Barca turn down Firmino signing as he looks at players in other positions

The 31-year-old has been heavily linked with Azulgrana, with reports suggesting that Both parties have reached an agreement. Especially in the elite media like the Daily Mail. Which spread the news that the coffee spearhead will go to play at Camp Nou next season. Causing many clubs such as Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Roma and Galatasaray. Those who kept an eye on the situation had to be heartbroken.

However, Marca recently denied all reports, insisting that Boon has no interest in signing a contract with the Reds ‘ attacking line. Even if it is a free move. Because it’s not the player Xavi Hernandez, the team’s coach, is looking for. Causing to reject the offer of the player’s agent who has been submitted to be completed

By Barcelona is not looking for reinforcements in the position of the striker. Because they have Robert Lewandowski, a seasoned striker for the Polish national team already used. But it will be added in the form of more wings. Which has been reported. They are preparing to bring Abde Ezzalzuli, also known as Eze Abde, the Moroccan striker who let Osasuna go on loan to join the team again.

For Firmino, this time he is experiencing a disturbing muscle injury. Causing to miss out on helping the team for about two weeks. Is a match to attack West Ham United and open the nest to visit Spurs, Fulham and Brentford. But is expected to recover in time to return to the Kop farewell field In the final home game of the season against Aston Villa on Saturday