Barcelona back Newcastle United for Coutinho

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Barcelona’s Brazilian midfielder Philippe Coutinho is set to leave the Camp. Nou in January as Barcelona are reportedly preparing to offer Philippe Coutinho to the club. Newcastle United now

After showing good form with Liverpool. To join the team for a fee of up to 115 million pounds in hopes of replacing the missing position of Neymar. Moved to Paris Saint-Germain. But Philippe Coutinho has never called his own good form back to get the opportunity to play in the field continuously and the transfer comes with a value. His tall stature has made Philippe Coutinho a huge target for criticism, especially from fans.

Previously it had been sent to Bayern Munich on loan. Used already and still doing very good results. There are rumors that Barcelona want to let Philippe Coutinho out of the team because of problems. In terms of financial conditions. A loss if there is an interesting offer coming in.

Although Newcastle United will have to change the owner to the group. Saudi Arabia And become the team with the richest owners. But is unlikely to spend a lot of money to attract surplus players like Philippe Coutinho to join the team. Of course, Barcelona did not set a price for Fili Pepe Coutinho has held that high. He has recently been in talks with Newcastle United over the transfer of Philippe Coutinho.