Benitez is confident he can bring in new players.

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Everton manager Rafael Benitez is confident Everton can bring in a new player in the January transfer window. Despite Everton’s financial problems.

Everton are struggling with financial problems to bring in new players. In the last transfer market they were unable to get the players they wanted. Most of them arrived. It is a cheap player only. Although at the beginning of the season. Everton’s performance is very satisfying. But after that he misses the points so often that he falls into the bottom of the table. He has the opportunity to go down. to be in the relegation area as well

And Everton are in urgent need of new players in the January transfer window, but Everton’s financial woes make it difficult to bring in new players. Rafael Benitez has held talks with Everton’s board of directors and Rafael Benitez is confident that Everton will bring in the players they want to join. The team certainly has in the January trading market.

“I personally spoke to Everton’s board about bringing new players to the team and we are still following the English Premier League rules as well as the financial rules of course we want. Raise the team to a higher level and there are many players that we would like to join the team to strengthen the main team that exists within the team and the talks have gone well and personally I am confident. That we will definitely be able to draw players who want to join the team.”