Carnacho could play for Argentina at the Under-20 World Cup.

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The Red Devils are sick! Alejandro Carnacho decides to play for the Argentina national team Go to the World Cup Model under 20 years old. Making it possible to help the Manchester United team in the final arc of the English Premier League this UFABET season.

The English Premier League football season 2022/23 has reached the final curve with the “Red Devils” Manchester United team, a giant club, having played 30 games with 59 points, ranking 4th in the table with points equal to the rankings 3 like Newcastle. But kicking less than 1 match, still in the zone to win tickets to play in the UEFA Champions League

Carnacho could play for Argentina at the Under-20 World Cup.

From such a situation, Erik Ten Hag, head coach of the “Red Devils” army. Wants to use the strength of the players in the team to play on the field in the remaining games to the fullest. But there may be a problem because. The final round of the English Premier League coincides with the FIFA U-20 World Cup that will take place from May 20 to June 11.

Alejandro Carnacho, the young winger of the “Red Devils” team, who suffered an ankle injury in the 0-0 Southampton draw on March 12, has not played the field since. Then come And there is still no news about when he will return, but Eric Ten Hag. The boss of Manchester United, has revealed that he will definitely return before the end of this season. And is another important shin that will be used during that period as well

But most recently, Damian Villagra, an Argentine journalist “Alejandro Carnacho has decided to play for Argentina at the U20 World Cup. Which is in line with the news that Javier has emerged. Mascherano head coach of the Argentina national team. The age not over 20 years old wants the carnacho to be used in this list. And will travel to negotiate with Manchester United as well

For the program in the final round, the English Premier League of Manchester United teams that match the U20 World Cup are as follows: May 20, 2023 against Bournemouth, May 25, 2023 against Chelsea, May 28, 2023. Meet Fulham and on June 3, 2023 in the FA Cup final, meet Manchester City.