Ginas fears Newcastle will be a relegation team

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Former Newcastle United midfielder Jermain Ginas fears Newcastle United will become a relegation team with poor on-field performance. Yet to move up in the ranks. The area survived relegation.

Although Newcastle United had previously been upgraded to a regular team . Newcastle United’s 2021/22 season has not been that good and appears to have left. Going to lose very often as well. Until now it’s down in the area at the end. He has the opportunity to play in the League Championship as well.

Importantly, Newcastle United are facing a difficult weekend. Facing four of the English Premier League’s big teams in a row. Finished and the next match will have to face Manchester City are doing very well. The next match will have to face Manchester United are looking for a win to get back in the top four. Again it makes Newcastle United have no hope of coming up in the relegation zone at all.

In which Jermain Ginas is concerned that Newcastle United will only become a relegation team after failing to move up into the relegation zone. Jermain Ginas said in an interview. Performance Newcastle United’s away side can be said to be very disappointing. As they are unable to win a single match. Concede every goal and the main thing Newcastle United need to fix is ​​their defense. There are problems but if it continues like this. Newcastle United will definitely be a relegation team.