Howe reveals facing Manchester City must be perfect

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Newcastle United manager Eddie Howe has revealed that facing Manchester City need to be played with perfection and the slightest mistake will be punished immediately.

As you know, Manchester City are a very strong team in the English Premier League and their results have been excellent in the past with a series of wins that have moved them up to No. 1 now. Plus the chance to win. The English Premier League is very high. If it continues to perform excellently. Manchester City must face a comfortable job like Newcastle United at Named as the team at the end of the table only.

Newcastle United have only won just one of their 17 appearances and are now dropping to 19th in the table and still have the opportunity to play in the League Championship. If they can’t get back to this good form and facing Manchester City is definitely not an easy task, Eddie Howe admits that all players must play perfectly if they hope. Collect points from Manchester City

The previous match against Liverpool was a satisfactory performance. But the result was very disappointing. So we need to improve our overall performance. Especially the match. Next to face Manchester City. must play together perfectly. Only if they hope to collect points from Manchester City. Newcastle United also have to work hard again in the match. Next because they will face Manchester United.