Le Boeuf urges Tuchel to hurry up and fix the problem

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Ex-Chelsea defender Franck Lebeouf has urged Thomas Tuchel to urgently resolve Chelsea’s problems in order to return to his prime ahead of Che’s chances of winning. LC will fly away.

Despite having made a beautiful debut in the 2021/22 season with a series of victories, moving up to No. 1 in the table, and holding on to the top for weeks, after stumbled with a draw in some matches. Should have kept the win. The gap in points was not large. Chelsea have the opportunity to be taken by other teams immediately to compete for 1st in the table. If Chelsea can’t win before West Ham United. that imposed a defeat on Chelsea.

Plus, that defeat prompted Chelsea to come down to 3rd in the table and Chelsea’s performances began to deteriorate, be it the stumbling block in the final draw of the Champions League in the Champions League. The group and had to immediately fall into 2nd place and in the latest match, it was Everton who came to collect 1 point from Chelsea successfully, making Chelsea’s situation worse and there is a chance to miss the Premier League. English League as well, if still stumbled, giving points continuously like this

Franck Leboeuve has urged Thomas Tuchel to urgently resolve issues within the team to help Chelsea regain their form before the title chances are lost by Franck Le. Bev said in an interview. Even now, there are only three teams vying for the title. Whether it’s Chelsea. Liverpool or Manchester City, but if it continues like this, Chelsea will probably fall out of it. Orbit to the first team, so Thomas Tuchel should urgently solve problems within the team to help Chelsea come back to do a great job again.