Shelvey admits that he needs to practice more on passing the ball.

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Newcastle United midfielder Jonjo Shelvey admits that passing the ball to his team-mates is not very good and needs to be improved. Scoring goals is secondary. Although he recently scored against Liverpool Either way.

The last game against Liverpool seemed to have both good times. Bad times for Jonjo Shelvey as he managed to score goals for Newcastle United ahead of Jonjo Shelvey. I sent a mistake until the team had to lose a goal. The result of the match came out as Liverpool smashed Newcastle United 3-1. It make the situation of Newcastle United begin to worsen again because they are still in the area. Relegated and there is no hope of moving up in the area to survive relegation even though the score is not much behind.

But with Newcastle United playing one game less than 17th-placed Watford, Watford have the opportunity to score six points and a game away from Newcastle. Newcastle United will go on to do a lot of work as they face off against Manchester City, who continued to perform at an outstanding level, which Jonjo Shelvey hopes not to blame. Missed an important match like this and admitted to improving on passing the ball to his teammates.

“Even before the game we were hoping to win but unfortunately the result did not meet our expectations and I have to improve myself especially when passing the ball to my mates. Team scoring is secondary only to help my team-mates score more goals and that is my main duty.”