Shelvey is furious, reserves the lost game Swan is chasing the jungle to drive home

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Nottingham Forest midfielder Jonjo Shelvey slammed his lack of starting XI against Liverpool, prompting him to settle with manager Steve Cooper. Until finally being kicked back to watch friends play at home

Nottingham Forest midfielder Jonjo Shelvey was dropped from the squad for the 3-2 defeat to Liverpool in the English Premier League on Saturday. due to dissatisfaction with being named as a substitute in the said game Causing controversy with Steve Cooper, the UFABET team’s coach, however, no additional punishment was revealed and will be able to return to the field again in any game

Shelvey is furious, reserves the lost game Swan is chasing the jungle to drive home

Chao Pa is facing a difficult situation struggling to escape relegation. Before visiting Anfield, they rank 18th in the table with 27 points. Requiring three points a lot, or at least 1 point, still okay. Resulting in the 43-year-old trainer having to arrange the best forces. In which he saw that the 31-year-old star had a bad performance in training. So sit on the sidelines in this game first

However, a report from The Telegraph, a well-known media outlet, states that this midfielder Dissatisfied with not being the real one. There was a huge controversy. Which in the end Cooper saw that this shin had a bad attitude. Therefore ordering the punishment to return to cheering on friends at home, while Shelvey returned to practice the following day. But it is still unclear whether. Will he take part in the game that the agency will open at home to Brighton and Hove Albion on Wednesday or not? 

The former Liverpool man has made eight appearances for Forest since joining from Newcastle United in January. With 6 real matches and 2 substitutes. In which the game lost 0-2 to Manchester United at home on Sunday, April 16, he was also named as a substitute. But was not sent onto the field Like the game against Red Machine who started on the bench. But in the end, the name had to be cut off.

Indeed, the absence of disciplined players is something Cooper doesn’t want, as his team now needs the best squad at their disposal. After falling to the last runner-up of the table. While the program has only six more shots remaining. Scott McKenna, a good defender broken clavicle Must stay until the end of this season for sure