Tuchel revealed that the team did a very good job with the result of the competition.

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Chelsea’s German manager Thomas Tuchel has revealed that all his players have performed excellently but the main problem is that the result has not been satisfactory, although it could have been better.

In fact, Chelsea‘s main strength is very strong and the addition of new players to the team has elevated Chelsea a lot and Chelsea’s performance at the beginning of the season was excellent. With the collection of victories continued to move up to the first place of the table successfully. Plus was raised as the English Premier League favorite team. But with problems with injuries of many key players. The result The overall job of Chelsea is clearly starting to deteriorate.

Since the day they defeated Juventus in the Champions League group stage, Chelsea have only won two out of six games, and now Chelsea have dropped from the top of the list. The English Premier League standings were completed. The latest match was only a disappointing draw with Everton. Which further worsened Chelsea’s situation as they fell behind first-placed Manchester United. City 4 points from 17 games.

In which Thomas Tuchel was satisfied with the performances of all the players in each match. Unfortunately the result did not meet expectations, Thomas Tuchel said in an interview. We have to come. It was at a point where I didn’t want my players to perform well, but the problem was that we weren’t able to get the results we wanted and there seemed to be a number of reasons for this. I hope that this kind of incident won’t happen again.