Tuchel reveals Chelsea are an easy team to lose points

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Chelsea’s German manager Thomas Tuchel has revealed that Chelsea are the easiest team to lose points against any team. Even in their last game against Everton only.

Have to admit that Chelsea‘s performance in the latter is considered much lower than the original standard. From the success of winning successive victories with a lot of goals scored opposite opponents. Rarely conceding goals as well, becoming a team that takes chances. Wasting a lot in each match and conceding goals. Almost every game that came on the field. Took only the last 5 games, including all items could not keep a clean sheet for even one match. It was shot together for 10 goals. Causing the situation of Che Chelsea in the English Premier League is starting to not fight very well.

And the last match was a good opportunity for Chelsea to score points in pursuit of the No. 1 team, Manchester City, by opening home to the visit of the bottom team, Everton, which Chelsea should. The win was not difficult, but in the end, it was only possible to draw points together, making the chances of Chelsea’s chances of winning the championship diminish even further into the middle of the season, and most recently, it was Thomas Tuchel who Revealed that Chelsea have become a team that loses points very easily no matter what team they face.

“From the overall performance on the field it should be us who should be able to win, especially the chances of scoring a lot of goals, but we couldn’t and now it looks like we are becoming a team that loses points very easily. That we were the lead first and should close the game, plus I personally don’t know why this kind of incident happened, but after this I hope it doesn’t happen again.