Werner hopes Rudiger and Christensen stay at Chelsea

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Chelsea forward Timo Werner is hopeful that Antonio Rudiger. Andreas Christensen will stay at Chelsea despite just a few months left on their contracts only.

Chelsea have tried to extend the contracts of Antonio Rudiger. Andreas Christensen because they do not want a new defender to join the team. But it appears that negotiations with the two are yet to come. As a result of wages that are too low. Plus news about moving the team is still coming out continuously. Especially Antonio Rudiger, with the news that Paris Saint-Germain is ready to join the team immediately and ready. He also paid £400,000-a-week for Antonio Rudiger.

Andreas Christensen is the main target for AC Milan, who will be out of Simon Kier until the end of the season due to injury problems and may be drawn to the UFABET team immediately. In the January transfer window, although Chelsea are already in the running for a new defender, Chelsea are hopeful of extending Antonio Rudiger’s contract with Andreas Christensen. And it is Timo Werner who hopes Antonio Rudiger and Andreas Christensen will stay at Chelsea.

“I would be very happy if Antonio Rudiger and Andreas Christensen decided to stay at Chelsea because they helped raise Chelsea a lot. If Antonio Rudiger and Andreas Christensen’s contract at Chelsea expires, it’s up to both of them to decide which club to go to.”