Willock hopes to bring back good form.

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Newcastle United midfielder Joe Willock hopes to regain his form and his main focus will be on continuing to start with Newcastle.

After failing to push himself into Arsenal’s mainstay, Newcastle United decided to bring Joe Willock to the club on loan and Joe Willock appears to have worked. An excellent job, although only on the bench and scoring goals for Newcastle United continuously, prompting Newcastle United to immediately bring in Joe Willock and Arsenal. I have no problem releasing excess players like Joe Willock from the squad.

Of course, with excellent performances last season. Joe Willock has been given the opportunity to start the field continuously. But has not been able to get back in form and has not been involved in New’s goals. Not one goal against Castle United. Newcastle United‘s performance has deteriorated after a series of winless games dropped to the bottom of the table. They risked playing in the League Championship. as well, if still unable to get good form back

Joe Willock hopes to return to his good form as soon as possible to give him the opportunity to continue into the starting XI. He hope to help Newcastle United rise from the relegation zone by Joe Will. Locke said in an interview. I’m only 22 years old and I’m ready to learn everything to improve myself and become a better player. Even if the manager has changed. I don’t have any problems and I’m ready to adjust. Always which I hope to perform better than last season.